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It's the very first quiz I've written, so I'd appreciate any feedback. com / quiz / 8721116 / The-brutally-honest-What-kind-of-Master-are-you-quiz(just remove the spaces when you copy-paste the url)My penname on Quotev is also Lord Youko, so in case the link doesn't work, you can search for me in People.

If you all like it, I may write a What Kind Of Slave Are You? If you do take it, let me know what results you get in the comments section or via PM . ABOUT ME: Gender: Guess ~.0Favourite fandom: Inuyasha OTP: Sesshoumaru/Inuyasha Favourite kinks: Dom/sub, Master/slave Favourite Genres: humour, angst, fluff Seme/Uke test result: You are a Sadistic Seme!

When Sango says that she's relieved to have her weapon back to normal the potions master informs her that although it is fixed, it will never be the same as it was before since it had been repaired and soaked in his potion of herbs and poisons.

Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form" Name: Sango Age: 16Gender: Female Species: Human Appearance: Weapons: Enhanced Hiraikotsu: In The Final Act, Sango is forced to sacrifice the Hiraikotsu to the bone demon in order to save Miroku.

I guess I wouldn't want to date him or anything, I would rather be in the place of Rin. " but like I said I believe in Heaven, and with God, anything is possible, so I know that one day I'll get to see him. I'm thinking it is, because I haven't found one male, real or not, that can even come close to Sesshy's attractiveness...least, in my own eyes. I would only tell you guys here...because you understand my feelings, but I really do love him. I love Sesshomaru because of his Bad Boy appearance and his I dont care about anyone attitude, that and even though he might seem tough on the outside he really does care about few people on the inside.

Whenever I see a picture of him sad, I am sad, and when I see him smile I feel all warm inside. It isn't like an "OMFG HES SO HOT I WANNA HAVE HIS BABIES!! I have a crush on Sesshomaru becuase, he is powerful, yet secretly kind, and i love how Sesshomaru steps on Jaken.

He states that it was attacking him with a whole different type of poison than his own as well as emitting its own demonic aura.

Hiraikotsu is much more powerful than before because it is able to not only emit a demonic aura and extremely strong poison on its opponents, but also absorb miasma/poison and disperse it accordingly, making it on a whole other level than it was before, especially against Naraku.

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