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To check the setting, click the Formulas tab on the Excel Ribbon, and click the Calculate Options drop down.

Or, go to the Excel Options window, and click Formulas.

We now turn the microphone over to Brian Reilly, Power Point MVP, who bares all (and grins it) Here's a fairly extensive list of things that happen with Excel linked charts to PPT and what you can do about it.

1 - It is best to put the charts on their own chart sheet.

Instead the formula only updates after the formula is edited or the spreadsheet is closed and opened again.AKA: Everything You Were Afraid To Ask Brian Reilly About Excel Charts, But That's OK, 'Cause He's Gonna Tell You Anyway.Actually, much of the content here originally was contributed to Brian by Naresh Nichani, an Access MVP, who is the real code writer behind Brian..The Sort dialog box provides the most versatile way of sorting your data because it allows you to specify how you want the data sorted.When you use the dialog box, Excel applies each sort in the order it appears in the list.

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