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Hops flowers, from which Guinness is made, are a motif on the rose-gold pieces, adding to the heritage vibe.The other half of the collection is a simpler, more modern, silver-plated range, inspired by Newbridge Silverware's heritage, and incorporates a unique way of crafting jewellery that pushes the design boundaries, with delicate details and intricacies not previously used. With this in mind, we asked four of our critics to flex their journalistic muscles and apply the hack mantra of five Ws and one H to the year’s finest O EMPEROR WHO? This Dublin four-piece have been around since 2005, although their current line-up isn’t the one they started out with.

A year ago they pulled about 100 people to a show in Dublin. It is a collection that was inspired by Guinness and reflects our own design expertise." Incorporating the heritage and skills of both companies and that of Ireland and the sea, the Guinness by Newbridge Silverware Collection features unique, beautiful jewellery and sumptuously dark - like the Atlantic ocean at night, or a pint of Guinness - ceramic cookware, table linen, kitchen accessories, silverware and gifts. Earrings, €39; pendant, €45; brooch (worn on waist of shirt), €45; bracelet, €55, all Guinness by Newbridge Silverware Collection "The Guinness by Newbridge Silverware Collection is the result of three years of collaborative research between Newbridge Silverware and Guinness," says William Doyle, Newbridge Silverware managing director, "and has been designed to reflect our rich heritage and craftsmanship, with a modern and contemporary twist.These pieces are light and fresh and feminine in an utterly different way than the rose-gold. We teamed up the gorgeous new Guinness by Newbridge Collection jewellery with our favourite look for this season - fifty shades of white.Irish designers are hot with the trend this season, thus there is variety of looks to be had in the colour ,which will soon be the worker in your wardrobe.

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